Real Estate Review…FREE!

FREE Real Estate Review

Here’s what I’ve found to be a great tool to better serve my clients before they buy or sell.  I’ve called it a Real Estate Review…and it’s FREE!  This is a complimentary service I perform for my clients and future clients.

Whether you know it or not, you’ll be moving.  Surprise!  Maybe not in the next 180 days, but you will be contemplating a move in your future.  The average American lives in a single home for 7 years…to some that seems long & to others who have lived in a home for 40+ years, they don’t understand the “nomadic” lifestyle.

 So I’ve prepared a document similar to a market analysis but in most cases reports more info.  It reviews the immediate neighbors home values so the client has a good feel of their neighborhood trend.  Also, it includes various statistics and local demographics.  I end it with a very pictorial view of what’s happening in the Seattle Eastside Area as well as history on interest rates.

 The combination of all the info presented will put a client in touch with the current real estate market in their specific area.  My clients are thrilled with this analysis!  If nothing else, it will establish a baseline for when we prepare the Real Estate Review again next year, making them more informed when they do enter the real estate market.

 Are you interested in your Real Estate Review?  Contact me today!


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