Do Schools Matter in Real Estate?

1-School BusWhat matters when buyers are selecting a location for their next real estate purchase? Location, Location, Location!  And why does location matter so much?  Here are some key reasons:

  1. Near work – best commute
  2. Best schools
  3. Community reputation
  4. Shopping/Amenities

The one that matters or should matter to every buyer is Best Schools.  Whether you’re a buyer with children or a baby-boomer down-sizer, at some point everyone will want to sell.  The reputation and school scores matter and will help facilitate a better price…  Neighborhoods within high-scoring school districts can utilize the benefit of the schools to secure a higher asking price…conversely, buyers should expect to pay more for high-performing school districts.  SchoolDigger is one tool to analyze the school in the area of your next purchase in Washington State.  SchoolDigger is also informative nationwide.  It’s  helpful for every age group knowing about your school system when you sell as well, especially if you don’t have children in the schools.

So how important are schools in your real estate transaction?  Reality…they matter!


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