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Vacation…Becoming the best YOU!

DSCN1618I don’t know about most people, but I learned something about myself this last week on VACATION…Everyone should take some REAL time off.    By REAL, that wasn’t a pun on Real Estate…REALLY!  Because anyone who knows me, knows I love my real estate career.

What I learned was everyone is in need of a ‘battery re-charge’, a relaxing vacation, time away from work, fresh air, late lazy-mornings with coffee and a morning conversation.  Add ocean air and wooded walks to clear your head.  Throw in a boat-load of fun, literally!  Prepare awesome meals!  See the sights of the PNW harbors…wash, rinse and repeat.  That’s a vacation!  Be the best YOU you can be…take a REAL vacation!


The Psychology of Color … As It Relates To Your Home.

What can color do for your home?  WOW!  That’s a big question…color is so important for helping set a mood or a feeling we get or want to get when we enter or use a particular room.  I see a variety of homes regularly and I hear from clients who want some advice on color…so here’s my take…(hope you see something you can use!)

Let’s start with exterior colors.  Fifteen years ago, the exterior color was 15 Shades of Taupe!  Taupe is out and deeper, richer,earthy tones are in.  Many homes can draw upon  a 3-color scheme (body, trim, accent, such as craftsman shingles) plus a single BOLD color known as the “PUNCH” color for the front door.  Black can be your “punch” color, but so can deep, rich brown or fire engine red!  Have fun with your front door!  You only get one chance to make a first impression…make it you!!

Interior colors should also be bolder than taupe.  They should accent your furnishings, be room appropriate, not hurt your eyes or your mind, but make you acquire that “Zen” feeling when you enter or encounter the room for it’s intended purpose (kitchen vs family room vs child’s room vs the master bedroom suite).  Color has a lot to do with our mood, the amount of light the room reflects and the feeling we get from our use of the room.  Let your color choices compliment or highlight your solid surfaces already in your home.  The InfoGraphic below helps depict what colors do for our mood and for our rooms.

Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to update a home and change the overall tone/feeling of a home.  I feel color enhances any home, both inside and out.  A big caveat to the overall color change is…do a quality job or hire a professional.  Worse than no color is color done without clean, crisp lines.

So jump into the color wheel and get the most out of your home, whether it’s for you or for getting your home ready for sale.  Chances are, if a color makes you feel good, it’ll make others feel good as well.

I’d love to hear from you…share your thoughts.  Does color change your quality of life?
Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc

Are Ramblers the New 2-Story Home?

Redmond Wa RamblerRamblers…have you thought ramblers?  What about the demographics of the population?  The baby-boomer generation is one of the largest segments of the overall population…and what would the baby-boomers be thinking about?

  • Down-Sizing
  • Empty-Nesters
  • Simplifying Lifestyle
  • No Stairs (this is HUGE!)
  • Thinking of Retirement
  • 2nd Home/Vacation Property

What about the first-time home buyers?  What are they looking for?

  • Turn-Key/Move-In Ready
  • Updated/Current Trends
  • Easy Living
  • Convenient to Work/Friends/Social Life
  • Affordable

Here’s a great example of a rambler that has so much to offer…like all of the above!  So, are ramblers the new 2-story?

Trending Seattle Home Features


What’s trending these days with new construction homes?  Well, we’re seeing this list of wants by buyers and a positive response by local #Seattle builders:

  • A Flexible floor-plan (spaces for dens, guest rooms, bonus/media rooms)
  • 3-car garages
  • Upstairs  vs. Main floor Laundry…50/50
  • Mud-Rooms
  • Main-floor Ensuite Guest Rooms
  • Clean lines & upscale finishes
  • Large gourmet kitchens,  kitchen islands & family living
  • 3/4 Bath vs. 1/2 Bath Powder Room

And what “trends” for New Construction then becomes the desired remodel for the “re-sale” home…

Outdoor Living Will Increase Your Homes’ Value

A great way to increase your home’s living space and value would be to add outdoor living.  This is especially nice for the NW climate where you can take advantage of cooler seasons and still stay warm and dry.  This adds value by increasing the living space and usability of your outdoor spaces, especially for added entertainment purposes.  Been to an outdoor party before July & August in the NW and you’ll know what I mean.  It’s also a way to make your home stand-out in a crowd!

Getting Ready to Buy a Home in 2012?

Are you planning to buy a home in 2012?  Are you ready?  Many people don’t know the things that both can help or hurt their chances of securing a home purchase, so I want to share a great blog post from Trulia… great tips everyone should read before planning a house-hunting adventure…Share your advice!  What tips can you add?

Sammamish, Washington…Check it Out!!

Looking for fun and familiar events?  How about the Sammamish Farmers Market now open thru Sept! Located on Seattle Eastside, the community has much to offer year round.  It’s made Money Magazine and Fortune Magazine’s top 100 of Best Places to Live for several years running. Check out the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce for more community events happening!