What Does Your Realtor Do For YOU?

Up-scaled Kitchen

As I go about my real estate work day, I had a conversation with another Realtor®   about what I do for my clients.  As our conversation went on, he said, “You do all that?”  My response was, “I genuinely like my clients; I do what it takes to make their real estate transaction the best it can be.”

So I decided to share some of the things I’ve done for my clients:

  • Help find quality vendors for repair/home-maintenance/remodel work
  • Suggest the types of home updates that will help their home sell faster and for more money
  • Help shop for best-buys in appliances, carpet/flooring selection, lighting (etc, the “pretty things”!) to bring the home forward with a more current style; suggest the things to do that will provide the most return for the seller
  • Help analyze the tasks at hand to break them down into manageable events
  • Pay for a pre-inspection on a listing…this gives the seller a thorough understanding of any deficiencies that should be corrected before the home goes on the market…creating more value for both a buyer and the seller in a transaction
  • I provide vignette staging to better show-off a home
  • For buyers, I’ve done many of the same things, but also help them acclimate to a new area, providing them with local knowledge
  • Analyze the potential purchase with the buyer to make sure they’re getting a good value
  • Marketing via Social Media

So I do ALL of the usual & standard “stuff” a Realtor® should be doing for their clients:  searching, showing, marketing, writing contracts, helping a client price their home for sale, negotiating, monitoring the transaction through to a successful closing… but I view my role as more than that.  I view my role as their friend and partner in achieving their goal.  Is that what your Realtor® does for you?


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