What’s the Seattle Real Estate Market Doing Right Now?

Seattle Real Estate Market

What’s the Seattle Real Estate Market Doing Right Now?  Have you wondered what is up with the entire Seattle Real Estate Market lately?  I get that question all the time.  Property is actually selling again!  YaaaHoooo!  And not only selling, but in some cases, selling  with multiple offers in record time!!

So what’s driving this “new” market we’re experiencing in the Seattle area again? In a word, it’s ECONOMY.  Our economy is strong.  What makes it strong?  Diversity!  Seattle just got tagged as the No. 1 in the Tech Job arena…From Microsoft, Amazon.com, Ebay, Google, Facebook and all of the others, tech jobs have put Seattle on the map as No. 1…!  Boeing is doing well and on a big hiring surge for tech professionals and engineers.  We’re a Bio-Tech region, supporting world-re-known healthcare facilities. How about Starbucks & Tully’s, Nordstrom & Eddie Bauer?  All of these make our world go ’round, both locally as well as  internationally.

I almost forgot to mention the still record low interest rates!

With all of that commerce, home builders are back in action too and having a hard time keeping up with demand.  Sellers have been slow to return to the market, so housing inventory is low.   What are you seeing in your neighborhood?


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