Don’t Forget…9/11

Unlike my normal posts, I feel the need to share my thoughts & feelings about the elephant in the room…the upcoming 10-year anniversary of 9/11.  I’ve asked myself in the weeks prior, how am I supposed to feel?  What’s the right way to spend that day?  Am I supposed to spend the day in quiet thought and reflection or am I supposed to celebrate those brave men, women and children who lost their lives that day and those who lost their lives at war to keep us safe?

The news media is now giving us what I like to call, ‘a cause for pause’, and they’ve been successful with me.  I’ve watched the preview showing of the 9/11 memorial park with all the names and the flowing water.  I saw the actual construction process of the 9/11 memorial park a year ago in NYC and it was awe-inspiring then.  Now it’s complete, holding the names of all who lost their lives from that fateful attack on America.  I’ve seen interviews with survivors, telling their story.  And the children of the many victims…they are amazing, resilient and I feel we have so much to learn from them.  All of this gives me a lump in my throat and brings tears to my eyes.

 This has reminded me of what I was doing that fateful moment that America stood still; it was nothing important…just getting ready for another day at work.  It does make me wonder how someone could hate so much, that they send four planes with American passengers into peril that fateful day.  It makes me wonder how all of those innocent lives would’ve been different today; those on the planes, those in the buildings attacked, those first responders who never gave up, the many loved ones left behind and those we’ve lost to war on terror.  It makes me appreciate the simplest things of life…breath itself.   It reminds me that freedom is not just a word or something to be taken for granted, but something so precious that thousands more Americans are willing to risk their lives to protect our homeland and our people every day; past, present and future.

 I think what I’ve learned in writing this, is that all of the above are appropriate ways to spend this day and every day after that…don’t forget, don’t ever forget.  Fly your American flag with pride and remembrance.  I know I will.


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