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Mortgage Amount vs Monthly House Payment

I read a great post today from a local Seattle lender that I wanted to share with you.  It’s talking about the pro’s & con’s taking out a 20 yr, 15 yr or 10 yr mortgage.  It has good tips to consider and other ways to pay-down a mortgage early without getting into a cash-flow concern.  As Rhonda Porter is finding out in the mortgage business and I in the real estate business, people in general are becoming more prudent on their mortgage amount by determining how much house can they buy with a specific $$ house payment, i.e., in other-words, backing into the house affordability number by starting with a comfortable house payment.

Learn more about whether you should Payoff Your Mortgage Quicker vs a shorter-term mortgage.  Mortgage interest rates are still at record lows.


4 responses to “Mortgage News

  1. Thanks so much, Terri!

  2. Yep, smart way of budgeting for home.

  3. Thank you Rhonda Porter…good content!

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