What Do Home Buyers Want!

We’ve all been hearing enough about the market…it’s down, will it ever come back?, buyers want everything…News flash!  For many, the market is back!  But are you listening?

Consider yourself as a buyer as you contemplate listing your home…what are buyers looking for in YOUR home?  Put their shoes on for a momment.  Go out and tour your “would-be” competition.  What are the ups and downs of each home you see?

1.  Pleasing street presence?  Without this, would-be buyers will just keep on driving.

2.  Clean, un-cluttered and well-maintained inside?  You’re moving anyway; why not start now by knocking two items off of your to-do list all at once:  1. De-clutter 2. Begin packing

3.  Do you have comparable square footage and room counts?  Those are things you can’t change without a room addition, so be sure to compare apples to apples.

4.  How is the location of your home vs. the competition?  Are you on a quiet street or cul-de-sac?

5.  Most bang-for-your-buck?  Do you have features & amenities that match the competition or have they updated kitchens, baths, replaced appliances, carpet, done roof maintenance &/or replacement?

All of these are factors in analyzing your home’s value on the market.  What a buyer really wants is to know they’ve gotten a great home for a fair price.  There, I said it.  It’s also what you want when you purchase your next home.  So if you’re still thinking the market is at 2007 values, you’ll not be moving soon. But your plan WAS to be moving soon,  and aren’t these the things you’re looking for in your next home?  If you think the return on investment is not there, look at it this way…it may be the difference in selling vs not selling.   Consider repainting the exterior of your home (if it needs it).  It’s could be the difference in drive-by’s vs. actual showings and a sale.  Another way to look at it:  If you have to take a price reduction, chances are it will be equivalent to the cost of a fresh coat of exterior paint, but now you’ve lost the most critical marketing time…the first 45 days and your exterior street presence is still no better.

You hired a Realtor© for a reason:  because they’ re knowledgable in the markets they serve.


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