The Emerald City is Hiring!

The Emerald City (Seattle)  is alive and well this fine March 2011!  In the midst of intermittent  sun/rain, several companies are announcing significant hiring bursts!  That’s exciting news!! is hiring 1900 very talented software developers, recruiters, product managers, salespeople, graphic designers, and supply-chain analysts.  They even have new digs on South Lake Union.

Boeing has announced a hiring surge for their Renton site to support the 737 increased production.  Approximately 1200 new employees will be hired over the next 2 years.

Google isn’t done hiring in the Seattle area either!  The Freemont site is expected to expand as are the Seattle and Kirkland sites.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is are putting the finishing touches on their Seattle Headquarters, with positions available.

So this is no coincidence that the Seattle economy is stronger than many other parts of the country and not coincidence that the real estate market is also on the rebound, faster than other parts of the country.  Experts have analyzed this data as well, recommending that this is definitely a time to buy real estate.   Will you be kicking yourself in 5 yrs for not recognizing this amazing opportunity?


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