Circle of Friends, Terri Hermes Real Estate is Great!

It’s so nice when something comes full-circle and works like you always wanted it to…That’s whats happening with my Circle of Friends, Terri Hermes Real Estate.  From sharing my various business partners and their services to special on-line deals from other social networks, this is so fun to give and share with others!!  Read what one friend just wrote:

“Hi Terri,

I followed up on an opportunity sent from you for a free one room interior design consultation from Michele.  She came yesterday, and was wonderful in personality and talent.  She picked out colors and advised some relatively cost effective ideas to improve the street appeal of our home.  I have “fretted” about this for 5 years, and she pulled it together in 2 hours!!

Trying to sell a luxury house in Renton has been quite an ordeal.  Thank you both so very much.  I feel encouraged and would not hesitate to use Michele in the future or recommend her to friends.

Mary, Renton WA  Mar. 1, 2011″


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