Take Heed Everyone: The Real Estate Market is Turning UP!

The signs are out there that say the real estate market is starting to rebound.  Two of my sources were pushing this info to me today.  I’m seeing some positive signs locally as well, although the NW may not be rising quite as fast as the national market seems to be doing…The article in Money Magazine is optimistic.  Sales are rising for the 2nd consecutive month (Aug & Sept).

The National Association of Realtors is validating the rise in existing home sales for Sept 2010, “affirming that a sales recovery has begun”, not to mention the extensive buying power buyers have right now.  Those of you waiting for the bottom of the real estate market before you think of buying, take note.  By the time we know we’ve hit the bottom, we’re on the way up.  What are you thinking?  My sales are telling me, we are seeing some uptick…Happy Halloween!


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