Social Media and Real Estate, Part 2

Have you ever wondered just what is Social Media and how does it relate to real estate?  My answer is ‘how is it not related’?  Social media is all about the conversation…think of it like the cartoon bubble above everyone’s head at the cocktail party (social event), hence the word “Social”.  Think of the conversations taking place at that party (social event).  People are meeting new people and finding out what they have in common…everyone wants to belong and feel valued.  Each one learns something new about a subject each is interested in, hence the word “Media”…topics of information, networking experiences, recommendations, shared experiences…

Now think how all of that relates to real estate.  Nearly everyone is interested in the real estate market for their area, or for an area they plan to move to.  Real estate is a major piece of any financial portfolio.  People are naturally social beings.  We like to share our experiences with those we like and trust.  We like to get referrals, best practices, heads up on the latest ‘whatever’ is popular.  We also like people who we can relate to and who genuinely like us back.  Do you like to associate with someone who grates on your nerves?  I don’t think so.

Social Media has broadened our world of possibilities.  It’s broadened our world in seven short years…!  We can search and relate to those who share our thought process, our likes, our concerns, and gain knowledge from those in any given business, get our daily (up to the minute) news and so much more.

Enter real estate…people like to do business with those that we like and trust.  We like to share our positive experience with others.  Social Media is a great way to seek out real estate broker, find a home, learn about the market, learn about the real estate process and connect…the biggest part of this is the “connection”.  It’s all about that cocktail party with the “bubbles above everyone’s head”…it’s all about the conversation.

But who am I talking to…those of you reading this already ‘get-it’!!  Hey, even Betty White gets on “The Twitter” and Facebook!  Share the conversation!


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