Social Media and Real Estate

On opening day for the movie The Social Network, I got a view (accurate or slanted, who knows) of just how fast and phenomenal the Social Media Revolution has taken off…Facebook was started in 2003 as a way to connect college kids…look where it’s gone.  Now, you can find your grandparents on FB, posting away!  And look at all of the compliment social media tools that have been developed because of a need to connect, to share, to show, to tell…nothing replaces the face to face, one on one time we need to spend and share with each other, but think of all of the possibilities.  It’s all about the conversation…

So I titled this Social Media and Real Estate…what do they have in common? What don’t they have in common is more the question.  Today, everything we do usually starts on the internet, from bookkeeping, to research, to analyzing, to tracking, to making a purchase, to communicating, to sharing info, to banking and bill-paying, to being social, to finding a job, to finding a mate, and yes, to house-hunting. Very little info passes us through this universe these days that has not already made it to the ‘www.’ in some capacity.

In real estate, so many people have viewed a home WAY before they enter the front door for real!  They confirm or eliminate possibilities before anyone knows who they are.  They TWEET about them to their connections on Twitter, they show-off the videos on YouTube, they look for social approval on FaceBook and they select their agent via a Google search.  All of this is ideal for real estate.  And as we all know, NOTHING replaces the face-to-face with most things in life, but this Social Media Revolution sure does get the conversation started.  What does it mean to you?


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