Seattle Eastside Real Estate Stats for Aug. 2010

Dear Buyers and Sellers,

What a difference a few months and even a year can make.  Our August 2010 Seattle Real Estate Stats are out and we’re seeing a slower market.  Call it a summer-slow-down, call it the end of the buyer’s stimulus tax credit, call it more inventory, but we are now back to 6 months worth of inventory for nearly all Eastside Seattle areas.   (That means the housing inventory on the market now has the potential of taking 6 months to obtain a sale.)  I do have to caveat this with the fact that some neighborhoods appear ‘hot’ and will turn over much faster than the 6 month average.  Parts of Kirkland and Bellevue are at 3 month inventory levels. It can never be more imperative than it is now to be the best looking property out there, both inside and out.  Stand out in the crowd to get noticed.

Fall is in the air and school has started up…will the market kick-off again for a Fall burst of energy…?  Who really knows?


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