Does Your Home Have Curb-Appeal?

Curb-appeal?  What is it?  Does your home have it?  Is it a good thing?  Well first off, curb-appeal is what makes your home look interesting from the outside; the thing that tells prospective buyers to wander in, it’s worth a look.  It is the difference in a showing and a drive-by.  Is it a good thing?  I think we’ve made it clear, it is a good thing.  Without curb-appeal, your home will automatically get passed up.  It’s part of that phrase “you only get one chance to make a good impression”, “so put your best foot forward” to use another cliché.  It’s never been more true than in real estate.

It can make the difference not only on showings, but interfere or help on value of your home.  It’s kind of like personal grooming and attention to detail.  Curb-appeal is the first step toward making a home “show ready”.

So, is curb-appeal a “good thing”?  What do you think?


2 responses to “Does Your Home Have Curb-Appeal?

  1. I honestly think, that while curb appeal is somehow important, it can’t be the single sale point for any house. The only thing which would help to sell quickly is proper property pricing . The rest is a nice bonus.

  2. Thanks for the comment and I agree. No doubt price is a dominate factor. I guess my point is that it takes a combo of attributes…price being one of them. It’s like anything in life…something can be priced at rock-bottom, but if it doesn’t meet your needs with a first impression….you’ll walk right on by.

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