Discovering: Seattle’s Link Light Rail

Dear Buyers & Sellers,

I spent a fun time this past weekend taking a ride on  Seattle’s Link Light Rail.  It was exciting to see and experience the urban transportation from end to end. My husband & I rode it from Mount Baker Station to Westlake Station, got off, toured some of the city, had lunch and returned to my beginning point, which happened to be about the half-way point of the line.  We saw many riders jumping off at the Stadium Station to take in the Saturday afternoon Mariner/Texas game.

So, to make the tour complete, we purchased another round trip ticket at the Mount Baker Station for the south-bound line and rode all the stops to Sea-Tac Airport and back.  Along the way, we saw communities working together in a community pea-patch.  With the weather we’ve had, they have to take advantage of every good day to work the soil.  It was interesting to see how many people were using the Link Light Rail to travel to the airport, bags in tow.

Hey, it was a great adventure,  seeing the various parts of Seattle from new eyes.  As someone famous once said, “Oh the Places You’ll Go”.  Have you ridden the Seattle Linked Light Rail?  Tell me about it!  View my ride.


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