A Home is Life

Hi Buyers and Sellers,

I wanted to share some personal reality today about families and homes.  You can’t have one without the other.  Everyday, people buy and sell houses.  It’s people that breathe life into each house, making it a home.  And it’s that life that we cherish and hold deep in our hearts.  We share memories of events, holidays and everyday moments that make a house a home.

So when we buy a house to make it a home, it’s emotional.  When we sell a home we’ve made lasting memories in, it’s emotional.  We want our homes to go to the next family who will love it like we did and breath new life into it.  How many times have you driven by your past homes to see how they look, if they’re being cared for like you would like.

A house is more than a place to hold our goods and keep us warm and dry; it’s the place we feel safe and calm and comforted.  I have the privilege of feeling this everyday and sharing and comforting those dealing with those emotions.  Leaving one safe, calm, comforting place for the next is a big deal.  It’s an exciting adventure as well as one of intrepidation.   My role as Realtor© is coach, teacher, confidant, negotiator, listener, counselor, cheerleader, your best friend and your worst enemy all at the same time.

So when you buy your next home, remember it was probably someone else’s haven of memories…of life.  And the circle goes on.


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