Discovering: Redmond, Washington

Redmond is an Eastside city of 45,000+ served by the Lake Washington school district, known for a relevant student test scores.  It’s also known as the bicycle capital of the northwest, with many trials and bike lanes available.

Located in the heart of what is known as Seattle’s Eastside, Redmond is an award winning city in a pristine setting. Redmond and neighboring Bellevue serve as the Eastside’s commercial and retail centers as well as the hub for the always-expanding business climate that attracts traditional commerce and entrepreneurs of all types.

Although best known for its business climate, with companies like Microsoft and Nintendo making their homes here, Redmond has become a popular weekend getaway spot for fun-seekers as well.  Quality of life and home values are both of importance to the Redmond community.

Redmond offers many entertainment resources, including the Redmond Town Center, which contains over 100 shops, several restaurants, live theater, and world-class hotels. In addition,Redmond is known for having more than 20 parks, spanning more than 1,000 acres of open space with 17 miles of trails for walking, biking, inline skating, and horseback riding.

Marymoor Park is particularly well-known, with its 45-foot-high climbing wall, a model-airplane flying circuit, lighted sports fields, dog park, summer concerts with well known musicians, and its famous Velodrome. Explore Redmond Washington!


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