Seattle Eastside Home Sales Stats (02.03.10 thru 03.17.10)

Hi Buyers & Sellers,

Here’s the latest on Seattle Eastside Real Estate Stats…we must be nearing the bottom of that market we’ve all experienced; you know…the one that de-valued our homes in the last several years.  Well good news! Buyers are buying, which means sellers are actually selling and the economic cycle of the Seattle Eastside Real Estate market is seeing a balanced market, and do I dare say, leaning to a sellers’ market…find your area and your homes’ overall price point to see where you pan out…remember, these numbers are months of inventory on the market.

So buyers, when you find that ‘just right home’, now is not the time to see if other offers come in.  Economic confidence prevails and you may lose out on that ‘just right home’!  Congrats sellers!!  You’re getting there!  If you want more info or explanation, don’t hesitate contacting me.  I’m available to help you navigate the real estate market.


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