Home Staging: What is it?

Hi Sellers,

I’m introducing another Team Member, Pam Christensen of Staging for Charisma today to talk about the importance of staging your home to sell.  Take it away Pam!

Staging is the art and business of preparing a home for sale.  It’s furnishing and accessorizing the home to bring out the best features and show how even some quirky spaces are really assets.  It’s packaging it right.  It’s creating a warm and welcoming feeling the minute the buyer walks in so they want to sit down, take off their shoes, relax and feel at home.  It’s understanding the target market for the home and creating a design that will appeal to that market.

I pride myself on being able to create this feeling in my staged homes, and last year I had a lot of success with that.  My preliminary statistics show that the average time on market for my staged homes was 37 days, with the shortest time on market 3 days (tha’t after the home had been on the market unstaged for 14 months, and with out an additional price reduction).


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