Real Estate Inspections, Explained


I would like to introduce Kevin Hergert from My Team.  He has been a key player for me with his Northwest Residential Inspections, so I asked him to ‘guest blog’ about his inspection business.  Today he’s giving us some history about his reports, the vital part to any inspection.

  • I have created a customized reporting system after being unable to find software for the industry that would provide clear and concise inspection reports.
  • My reports are built around the property to be inspected. Through a series of templates and macros, I am able to add the “spaces” of the specific home to the report.
  • The report summary is listed by main category or room for clear and concise reporting.
  • A critical event of buying a house is conducting the home inspection, so it’s important you end up with a report that helps you, the client/homeowner understand any potential deficiencies with the home about to be purchased.

This is a link a 2 minute video which highlights the reporting system used by Northwest Residential Inspection.   I look forward to  helping you with your next purchase.

A full sample report is available on my website


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