What’s in a Name?

Just what is in a name?  When you planned for your newborn and agonized over that ‘just-right’ name, you’re so proud of your new creation that you give it your best intentions.  Your best shot, and in some names I’ve heard, your less than best effort.  (Sorry, just saying…) You probably wonder where I’m going with all this ‘name’ business anyway. 

Ever hear of  ‘Zestimate‘?  No, you wouldn’t name your offspring that (I’m hoping).  It’s the Zillow real estate term for estimated value of your property.  It can be ‘dead-on’ or it can be 50% off…that’s because it’s a Zestimate.  It’s a starting point.  You see, Zillow knows very little about YOUR property.  They will start with last sales price, if available, which may be years old; or tax accessed value, which is not market value.   Have you made significant improvements to the home?  Zillow won’t know about that.  Then there’s the homes near yours that sell that will have some influence on your Zestimate; some up, some down.  

So what’s in a name?  It’s an estimate, a starting point at best.  Embrace it and move forward.   Nothing can replace the virtual tour, the walk-thru and the ambiance your home expresses to fully determine it’s value in today’s marketplace.   That’s what sells a home.


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