If It Smells Bad…Well You Know…

Real estate is a business based on knowledge and trust. Knowledge that those in the business, and I use the term ‘business’ loosely because it takes a team to complete a real estate transaction. Everyone on that team has either been hand selected or matched up like opposing counsel. At anyrate, all have to bring their ‘A’ game to the table to orchestrate this magnificant event for a seller to successfully sell their home and a buyer to successfully purchase it.

Trust is earned via the words and actions of the players chosen for your game. Yes, I say your game, because you want to know that all the players have a vested interest in the outcome, i.e., an on-time, successful closing. Trust will be a the feeling you get when you know someone else has your best interest at heart. It usually starts with your realtor and hopefully carries through to all of the significant players in your game. A solid realtor knows and can refer multiple qualified team-members from inspectors to lenders to tradesman to title & escrow to movers for you to choose from. Good people like to work with other good people, but if something smells bad, well you know, it probably is.

If you have a player who isn’t performing or can’t communicate with straight-forward responses, consider going to the bench and making a trade. This is probably your most expensive transaction…don’t ‘trust’ it to the wrong hands.


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