Social Media and Your Realtor

Social Media …just what is it and what does it mean to me as a realtor?  It is a new phenomena to most everyone over 35…those younger have already been embracing MySpace and Facebook and the like.  The rest of us are catching on and trying to catch-up; some like me, with baby-steps, fearful of making a wrong move, but not too proud to ask for help.

So I started out with Facebook…not a guru there yet, but liking what it has to offer…consistency.  Reconnecting with old friends has been the most fun and the possibility of making new friends is intriguing.  I’ve always been a face-to-face sort of person, but I realize this gives me a chance to introduce myself to others, letting them learn about me and my business at their own pace on their own time in front of their PC…via the big WWW (world wide web)!

My business page is referred to in Facebook as my “Fan Page”…not a ‘Fan’ of the nomenclature they gave it…but it’s one of those generational things I’ll have to get over.  Becoming a Fan is the same as becoming part of my ‘online community’…receiving my feeds, blog posts, Tweets from Twitter, etc. and all the perks of community membership.  It’s a great way to stay connected.  Just today, I became a Fan of Bon Jovi…my way of staying connected to MY favorite band.  Same with Oprah.  I also joined Paws Cafe in Redmond, Wa as a Fan.  (Great place for healthy pet food and puppy-playtime!)

So what does social media have to do with real estate?  What does social media have to do with anything?  The answer is EVERYTHING!  NAR (National Association of Realtors) indicates that 85% of all real estate transactions start with the client searching the greatest tool of all…the big WWW !

So why not let the greatest tool of all work for me…what better way to let a client see that I’m working beyond the local market to get their home noticed by those around the world who might be moving to the Eastside of Seattle.  I don’t claim to be the biggest realtor in the area, but I do know the industry, I know my market and I connect with my clients.  What  are you thinking about Social Media…?


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