Change is Coming…

You’ve heard the old adage, “change is coming”.  Well that has never been truer than in real estate.  From the way we search for properties to the way we market them to the turn-around we are now seeing in the real estate market in the Seattle area, change is definitely coming and a welcome change it is.

The market is turning around and for the positive.  Sales haven’t been at this level in over a year.  When sellers are priced right, we’re back to seeing homes go under contract in a matter of days.

So for you sellers out there, it’s time to be realistic to the market of today and not that of two years ago.  Buyers are out there and are ready to buy; pent-up demand abounds.

It takes buyers and sellers to make the world go round, pulling us out of this recession one house at a time.   Change is coming…Are you ready?


One response to “Change is Coming…

  1. Had an interesting conversation today with a collegue re: a listing of theirs that was only 5 days old when it went PENDING INSP…the interesting part was the FIVE OFFERS this property received in that 5 days! Pricing right means the difference in not just getting noticed, but in ACTUALLY SELLING and do so in record time in this recovering market. Time for everyone to take notice…Sellers as well as buyers.

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