Make My Day!

I just returned home on an early morning flight (the kind where you have to get up at 3:30am in order to leave for the airport on time) and the flight attendants set the tone for my day and maybe even my life.  As one of them was reciting the diatribe of safety info we all know and have heard with every flight, she started ad-libbing the greeting to a more genuine ensemble of heart-felt words from the airline…made me feel appreciated.

She then went on to tell us what our destination stops would be, again by ad-libbing and making a few people wonder if they were on the correct flight.  Truly, if you listened to her at all, you would know it was too early for anyone to be up and around, much less a flight crew making travel announcements.  The way I saw it, if you made your first connection, you were nearly home. 

For me, what it did, it set the tone for my day and maybe gave me more to think about on a regular basis:  At 6:30am, I learned it’s defiantly OK to smile-it does a body good; LOL, it’s contagious and on a plane, that’s the one thing you don’t mind catching; don’t take yourself too seriously…laugh at the goofy things we each do and know you’re not alone!  Anybody else fly into Seattle today?


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