It’s a Colorful Life!

Have you ever wondered how you got somewhere, were so mesmerized or in a trance or in a rut that you truly wondered, ‘I don’t remember how I got here…’?  I find myself driving a familiar path, then not remembering the details of how I got to the destination…I’m trying to not do that so much by I making myself more aware.  I try to stop the nonsense and enjoy the path traveled.  It’s not always the final outcome that’s important, but the path it took to get there.  Maybe what I’m getting at is it takes the accumulation of many events to make us who we are. 

For me,  I enjoy the ride home, the path to the destination, especially in the Fall.  The trees turn color gradually, and SO many colors fill the mountain and hillsides.  These are like the people of my life.  I enjoy the beauty around and the peace I get by taking it in.  I’m usually listening to my favorite music on my ride.  Music is my serenity, my happy-place.  Maybe because I’m so non-musical myself, I really appreciate those that have talent and share it with the world.  

So I let my happy-place drive my life and my business.  For me,  it’s the culmination of many things that bring me to an ending event.  How about you?


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